About E-Vault

Your success, our story.

5th Consulting DMCC has been in the region for five years and is part of the EMIRAT group of companies, headquartered in Munich, Germany.

What we do?

We unleash the hidden potential of marketing campaigns, empowering brands to reach a wider audience for an affordable price.

How we do it?

By providing Promotional Risk Coverage to brands through Prize Indemnity Insurance and Redemption Insurance.

Really, how do we do it?

Our service gives clients the freedom and flexibility to plan bigger marketing campaigns with higher rewards, with the peace of mind that if there is a winner, we take care of the pay-out.

Our team

Ralph Clemens Martin


Ralph is the co-founder and CEO of EMIRAT AG Group as well as 5th Consulting DMCC. German by origin, Ralph graduated from Texas Christian University in 1990 with a specialization in Marketing and Business Management. He started his career in the insurance industry and has extensive experience working in risk management and marketing for multimilliondollar brands and start-ups. With a real understanding of the elements that drive business attention and conversations, Ralph has now created a reward-risk coverage portfolio of over USD 350 Billion per year.

Andrea Bargholz


Andrea Bargholz is the co-founder and COO of EMIRAT AG in Germany and CEO of 5th Consulting DMCC and 5th Insurance Advisory in Dubai, UAE. She started her career in Hamburg with a company that dealt with software for publishing houses and has performed Marketing and Sales roles for internet companies like Ricardo.de, QXL.de, AOL. She is currently overseeing the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into emerging markets, as a part of which, she is planning to build up EMIRAT Inc. in USA and 5th Consulting Ltd in UK.

Maysa Hatahet

Business Manager

Passionate about marketing, advertising and events, Maysa Hatahet graduated with a BA degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Originally from Lebanon, Maysa has been living in UAE for 18 years and is working with 5th Consulting as a Business Development Manager. She is known for her strong communication and customer service skills and has a keen eye for assessing operational needs of the organization and developing solutions that reduce costs, improve revenue and drive customer satisfaction.

Khurram Siddique

Sales Manager

Tenacious and Effective Sales Management professional and business developer, with strong technical aptitude. Trusted leader with proven history of providing successful solutions for clients toughest business challenges. Khurram is involved in all aspects of the company’s sales and marketing operations. He is passionate about insurance and finance, having over 14 years of extensive GCC experience as Sales, Insurance & Risk Consultancy. Having graduated with a bachelor’s in business administration, and specializing in Finance, Khurram also has a diploma in General insurance management with a CII certification, and has a “serving, not selling,” approach to work that helps him serve and empower his clients.

Yaser Satout

Sales Manager

Not your average sales professional, Yasser Satout is a problem solver and a creative thinker. He has a knack for evaluating client goals with the backdrop of market needs and coming up with the best possible solution. With over 15 years of experience in providing these solutions to clients, Yasser likes to keep abreast with the latest marketing innovations and tools and always has a success story handy to inspire and enthrall.

Viann Alarde

Executive Assistant

Reliability, ambition, exemplary customer service and experience across industries has made Viann an operations rock-star. Working as an Executive Assistant, she remains on top of every task, including staff and office management, event coordination, and is always within reach of anyone needing any assistance at all. A strong business administration background and relentless determination makes ensures out-of-the-box solutions and a firm grip on operations to ensure every task and every member is on track to achieve organizational goals.