What is E-Vault

From features to functionality.

The E-Vault is a transparent glass safe with a digital screen that displays your campaign message and a keypad that controls the unlocking mechanism. Participants attempt to unlock the E-Vault and claim the prize by entering the winning secret code. If someone unlocks the E-Vault, the reward payout is on us, for a pre-decided fee. It’s that simple.

The finer details

A brand signs up with 5th Consulting for a specific campaign. Based on the scale, goals and duration of the campaign, a fee is agreed upon. This is the starting point of your E-Vault campaign.

The secret code

Before the promotion begins, a sealed security envelope containing the pre-programmed winning 6-digit combination code would be handed over to your team. This envelope can be used to verify the winning code once entered by a participant.

The passcode device

Each participant gets one chance to try and enter the winning secret code using the digital keypad on the E-Vault. Every entry would have a corresponding response communicating the success or failure in entering the right code.

Prize redemption

If the winning code is entered and the E-Vault is unlocked, the secret envelope must be returned to 5th Consulting for verification without any damage or signs of tampering, failing which, the insurance would be void. Once verified, 5th Consulting will pay the reward value on behalf of the client.

Personalise your premium

Rewarding experiences within your budget.

The premium that covers your risk against reward redemption is carefully calculated and is based on the intended scale of the campaign, prize value and the game mechanics you choose.

  • Prize value

    It all starts here – your
    intended prize value. Higher
    the value, higher the risk and
    hence, higher the premium.

  • Number of attempts

    This relates to the scale and
    duration of the campaign,
    and has a direct effect on the
    premium amount.

  • All in the code

    A 6-digit and an 8-digit secret
    code change the probability of
    prize redemption, thus having an
    impact on the premium amount.