You ask, we answer.

Can we customize the screen to display our brand logo?

Yes, the screen can be customized to display your logo and brand colors.

Do you provide more than one machine per promotion to be deployed at multiple venues?

Yes, we can provide more than one machine, with an additional rental fee applicable per machine.

How can we address hygiene concerns due to Covid19?

We can create a QR Code and display it on the screen where participants can scan it from and play the game on their mobile phones.

Can we change the number of digits in the code to be less than or more than six?

Yes, the number of digits can be changed, with each change having an effect on the premium amount.

How can we be assured that the winning code is really active

A sealed security envelope containing the pre-drawn winning combination code is provided to you before the promotion begins. Once the promotion is over, the envelope can be opened, and the winning code can be entered for verification.

Is the E-Vault rented on a per-day basis?

Yes, the E-Vault can be rented on a per-day basis.

Is the rent cost different from the premium fee of the promotion?

Yes. The rent cost is fixed whereas the premium fee for the promotion is variable and is decided based on campaign-specific needs and details.