It’s time to think inside the box

Unravel a new world of premium rewards.

A world with unlimited possibilities. A world that empowers you to realize the vision of your brand.

Introducing E-Vault

Your key to unlocking rewards.

Explore the hidden potential of your marketing campaign by using premium rewards to create a larger impact for your brand.

No risk, all reward

A unique promotion coverage solution.

The E-Vault insures you against the risk of prize redemption, helping you achieve your marketing goals while keeping your financial risk low.

Free to play Free to participate

Everyone is invited to play.

Maximize the reach of your campaign by inviting everyone to try their luck at winning big.

  • No eligibility clause or mandatory purchase required
  • Attract large crowds and ensure maximum participation
  • Ensure wider reach and increased brand exposure

Stand Out

Big prizes attract the most
attention and ensure
greater impact.

Pay Less

With a fixed pre-decided
price, always know what your
payout is.

Feel Safe

Insure your promotion and
avoid the financial risk of
prize redemption.

Unlock the rewards

Plan, plug and play

The E-Vault comes
pre-installed and is easy
to install and operate.

More visibility,
more footfall

With no mandatory
purchase needed, ensure
wider participation and
increased exposure.

Your campaign,
your look

Give your campaign your
own look by personalizing
the E-Vault with your
brand colors.

Know your

With a captive audience,
easily engage potential
customers and generate
valuable leads.

Go mobile

Scan the QR code
displayed on the digital
screen and play the game
on your mobile.

Our partners in success


Launched with the intention of introducing new models to customers, the 5-week E-Vault promotion invited people to visit the Audi car dealership in Amman, Jordan and participate for a chance to win the new Audi Car. Launched in partnership with Play 99.6 FM, the E-Vault promotion increased footfall by 500% and sales by 100%.

Petra Insurance Brokers

With a prize amount of AED 250,000 on offer, E-Vault stood out as the main attraction at the 1-day promotional event for Petra Insurance Brokers held in Dubai. A real crowd-puller, E-Vault also presented a great opportunity for the sales team to engage a captive audience and generate leads.


E-Vault’s promotion to launch PLÄERRERMARKT in Nuremberg, Germany was a real crowd-puller, generating unexpectedly high footfalls, and resulted in a hugely successful launch event and opening week for the mall. The campaign was really well received by customers.

Regensburg Arcaden

Regensburg Arcaden’s 2-week E-Vault promotion started in Regensburg, Germany with online and on-ground advertising. Supported by a live radio broadcast from the mall, the E-Vault promotion led to a 30% increase in mall footfall and a 35% increase in overall mall sales.

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